About Us

Dhanlaxmi Export, based in India, is a market leader in laboratory-created diamonds, manufacturing diamonds in the CVD Type IIA categories while setting a new industry standard for innovation, transparency, and sustainability. We at Dhanlaxmi Export have grown to be one of the most respected and trusted diamond manufacturers, with state-of-the-art diamond production facilities in Surat (India) and a global clientele. Having begun with natural-mined diamonds, we ventured and transformed into the production of polished lab-grown diamonds in 2015 in response to consumer and industry trends.

We offer a diverse range of diamond shapes, including Round, Brilliant, Cushion, Heart, Marquise, Pear, Princess, Radiant, Square Radiant, Emerald, Oval, and Pear. The color ranges from D to K, with carat weights ranging from 0.30 to 7.00. Furthermore, we can collaborate with clients on customized programs for specific ventures.

We are currently one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of CVD Lab-grown diamonds, with the immense capacity to deliver all sizes of conflict-free & ethically manufactured, certified & non-certified CVD Lab-grown diamonds to B2B clients, retailers, and jewellery traders worldwide, by assuring them to supply these genuine diamonds at the best and most affordable price, with consistency in Quality and Quantity.

Our Mission

At Dhanlaxmi Export, our clients are always at the heart of what we do. We offer our clients the highest quality lab diamonds at competitive prices. We support clients by providing them with a dedicated Service infrastructure. Our core mission is to build long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients, suppliers, and Business Partners, respect their values and strive to build open, trusting, and rewarding relationships based on honesty and fairness.

Our vision

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with value-added products and services. The highest form of excellence is demonstrated by a commitment to perfection, constant improvement, and striving to be the best. At Dhanlaxmi Export, the three factors guide our decisions: "Teamwork", "Continuous Improvement" & "Stakeholder Focus".